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Thoughts, Words & Deeds

It took me some time to realize that what I think, say and do is a projection from myself out into all that is both here on Earth and in the Universe itself. I have to say that I have … Continue reading

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My thoughts on GOD today!

I do not know about you but I wish GOD was more active in my life from a helping standpoint! Even though this is how I feel when I pray and ask for things that do not manifest as quickly … Continue reading

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Visualization is the key to creating what you want!

Hello again, my name is Johnny Bryan Giles and I am no expert at “self-help” but I created this blog to share my random thoughts. I appreciate your decision to read what I am thinking and I welcome your comments … Continue reading

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How to stop sabotaging yourself and your life!

Do you sabotage yourself and your life? If you are not living the life you choose you may be sabotaging yourself on a subconscious level and not even know it. It could be that deep down you fear success, love, … Continue reading

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Are you a liar?

Strange question but look around you and you will find most everyone and every entity lies daily. A large majority of societies internationally now consider lying common place. Our law makers and politicians lie daily and are as self serving … Continue reading

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How does failure impact your life?

We have all experienced failure at something! The question is how does it impact your life? There are so many types of failure one could experience and some many layers of complexity attached to each individuals own story however failure … Continue reading

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What is your reality like?

For most people, I assume, their reality is a complex matrix of “doing things” and these things often encompass working a job or career, being in or searching for a relationship, involvement with children or if no children then with … Continue reading

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