Thoughts, Words & Deeds

It took me some time to realize that what I think, say and do is a projection from myself out into all that is both here on Earth and in the Universe itself. I have to say that I have known that my thoughts, words and deeds have an impact on my life but I have done very little to “change” them until recently. It is said that insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting different results and so to some extent we are all a little insane!

If you think negative thoughts, say negative words about life, yourself or others and do things like not doing anything to change those actions then your current reality may not be what you have in mind as the best life you could be living. Imagine this… Your thoughts flow from you at one frequency, your words flow from you at anther frequency and your deeds flow from you at another frequency… This would mean you have three different frequencies flowing from you at all times… Our reality is made up of different vibrational frequencies that create matter and the reality we live daily.

The frequencies flow from you and me constantly and we can control the levels and the type (i.e. positive or negative) but many of us never become aware of this. If you truly seek change in your life then you have to “do something” and you can start by changing what you think, say and do! Despite how you “feel” if your thoughts, words and deeds are sincere the change you seek will come to pass! We have all created out of thin air before and it is much easier than you may think it is!

There are many books on this subject and many paths to take to live the core values of your life but face it, you have to take responsibility and ownership of your life as it now is in order to have the power to change it. If you think your reality is a result of someone else then you dis-empower yourself to change it. When on the other hand you admit that your reality is your creation you can then easily conceive that if you created the bad you too can create the good you seek!

What then shall you do? Well you can start by sending forth from your being in thought, word and deed the things you currently desire without beating yourself up about the things that are or have been. This first step will need to a new path where the journey of life becomes far more pleasurable! Have an awesome day!


About Johnny Giles

I am the owner of Expert Business Presentations and Johnny Bryan Giles and work as a business consultant, business plan writer and RFP writer, social media strategist and published author.
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One Response to Thoughts, Words & Deeds

  1. Satan morris says:

    Heres my reply to that fake puece of shit that everyone prays to….dear god thank you for world war 2, nuclear weapons, 9/11, and afghanistan…otherwise thank you for jack shit. Thank you for fucking me over every single day of my life. Thank you for wiping your angel ass with my last name…but most of all i hope the devil wins. Every fucking day so you can get fucked.

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