Low on Energy due to Life’s struggles? My epiphanies!

Recently I had two epiphanies while I was praying for wisdom… The first is that the bad or negatives in our life are really blessings for they challenge us to seek out new answers to old questions! If it were not for the bad we would not know the good as good! The dark cloud over our lives from time to time hides a wonderful silver lining and all we have to do is look deeper into the cloud to see it!

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The second is that what ever I put forth after the word “I” is the most creative power in the Universe! Now this, unlike the first epiphany, was not a new concept to me as I have read it and heard it over and over! Outside wisdom can often take time to become our own personal truth however when we “get it” as our own personal truth we can then use the wisdom to our own benefit!

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I think “TRUTH” is relative to the person and to their own experiences for the most part with the exception being societies laws and rules that are accepted by most people to be truth! I personally pray a lot! I spend an average of 1-3 hours every 24 hours in prayer and sometimes a lot more especially when I go to bed and find that I am praying all throughout the night! In my youth I asked GOD for a sign that He/She/It hears all of my prayers without limitation and the answer I received was unreal yet the most real thing I have ever experienced!

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Some days my energy is drained! I want to prayer and put forth from my being my true intentions however it seems as if my batteries are low and have run out of power! When this happens I make one of two choices… I let myself relax and set aside aggressive expression through prayer and sometimes I force myself through the limited energy and pray anyway!

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I use the term “prayer” however I do not associate it with any specific dogma or religious belief as it is my intentional action to connect with the Creator of all that is! For me I have used prayer all my life to “manifest out of thin air” what I desire and I have done so many times with great success! I have learned that I cannot force things and I cannot be too laid back I have to be just right for things to manifest quickly! For each of us I believe the process of manifesting is unique to the individual because of our own beliefs!

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Prayer changes things, of this I am absolutely sure! I have seen it countless times in my own life and it seems clear to me that GOD and the Universe he/she created to give us what we choose wants for us what we want for us nothing more or less! I love the books, especially the first three books, by Neale Donald Walsch called Conversations with GOD!

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Book 1 came into my life after I prayed and asked GOD for something to read that would give me a different, more accurate, view of who he is! I was and am still blown away by the candor in this dialog that spans 3 initial books and is followed by many others!

I joined Spiritual Networks today and am hopeful that I will meet a lot of awesome people there! You can connect with me at this link if you like!


I use this blog as a place to share my thoughts however your thoughts are welcome anytime!


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