Are you stuck in a reality you hate and what to change?

There seems to be a common theme among self-help guru’s on how to change your reality and it is based on how we all think! Most of us never give much thought to the fact that we all created the reality that we are now experiencing. Yes I know, you would most likely argue against that but I assure you that when you take a look at your life you will see that you had a great hand it its creation of your current experiences than what you may have thought. No matter what religious beliefs you have or dogma you adhere to and especially if you are “spiritual” and not conventionally religious your “Path” has a message of empowerment you should believe in and apply!


The common threads are more numerous than you may imagine and the thing I will talk about now is your “never give up” attitude and how to strengthen it and apply it to your benefit! We all go through periods of time where we are hating life, or at least wanting a change, and it is here where we do our best work and our most powerful creation! For anyone who chooses to never give up on themselves, their dreams and desires, they will eventually create what they desire. For those who take a less consciously active approach you are still creating your reality however it is likely due to habitual thought patterns creating sub-consciously leading you to believe that you are a “victim” of circumstance and not the creator of it!


Have you ever heard “WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT YOU BRING ABOUT” and “THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS” before? There is a simple truth to this. What you focus on and put your attention on (i.e. fear based things or love based things) you attract to you! Many self-help tools, stories, books, movies, videos, etc… all share this same theme! For me, I have personally battled fear all my life and as an adult I still let fear consume me from time to time usually materializing in racing thoughts and what if scenarios that have no merit but that my mind seems to create in order to provide a fix! As I work on creating new neural pathways and closing old ones that no longer serve me I choose daily to have complete freedom in every area of my life! To counter my fears and my negative thoughts I spend time daily in prayer, but not the kind of prayer you may think…

download (2)

I use to use prayer as a method to request what I wanted from GOD! It did work every time I refused to take no for an answer and I thought GOD was the one who gave me what I asked for. As I have evolved I now see that GOD has already give me and you every thing we will ever ask for by giving us the same ability he/she has and that is the ability to create out of thin air whatever we choose. Most religious beliefs speak about GOD, in whatever form, SPEAKING FORTH ALL CREATION USING ONLY THE WORD and there is great truth I believe in this!


So, even when my reality sucks and I cannot wait to change it, I never give up on what I choose to create next! It is logical to assume that if my now is a product of my thoughts, words and actions from days, weeks, months or even years ago then what I do today will create my tomorrow! I believe it is okay to dislike what I have created but to never go as far as to hate it! Hating what I created is hating myself! So no matter how bad you may seem to be stuck in a reality that you want to change the good news is you can ALWAYS DO SOMETHING about your reality and that is to choose to change it using thoughts, words and whenever possible actions!


I am sharing this image again above because I liken our lives and reality to a garden and we must tend to it daily if we want to keep out the weeds of fear to one day soon see the harvest of our dreams, desires and positive thoughts manifest! Ultimately you have to find or create your own path but the good news is that all paths lead to the same source and that you have enormous power as a creator! Happy creating!


About Johnny Giles

I am the owner of Expert Business Presentations and Johnny Bryan Giles and work as a business consultant, business plan writer and RFP writer, social media strategist and published author.
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One Response to Are you stuck in a reality you hate and what to change?

  1. Emile Jobity says:

    Johnny Giles can you teach us how to pray effectively? Since this is so important, alot of us may want to know the methods you use to pray to make things manifest into your life.

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