Want to feel really good? Tell GOD to fuck himself!

For those who adhere to idiotic religious dogmas telling GOD to go fuck himself is a scary thought! Let me tell you when you do so you will get this overwhelming feeling of release and bliss but that may not last!


As I get older I have less tolerance for the fucking bullshit! 99.999% of all messengers who come in the name of GOD are liars and many are much worse so when you listen to these idiots be very careful! Take a look as these fuckheads and it becomes instantly clear they are either insane or a con artist or worse, both! LOL! They all have a “system” that will get you all the blessings you can handle from GOD but none of these pieces of shit ever use that system! In the old days there were snake oil vendors selling us the same shit and it did not work then and will not work now!


There are fucking liars everywhere! You cannot escape them and let me tell you why! Your car dealers and salesperson is a fucking liar… Your preacher is a fucking liar… Your politician is a fucking liar… Your doctor is a liar… Your co-workers, friends, family members and associates are fucking liars… People who prepare your food, sell you water, gas and power are fucking liars… The sad fact is every single person you know is a fucking liar, it is a matter of how much they lie and to whom, myself included!


So you may ask “What Now” and the answer is simple… Whatever you choose it to be! Now GOD is real, of that there is no doubt but he is either a selective power loving fucking piece of shit one step removed from his worst creation, us, or he is a genius who builds ant farms and only looks at them from time to time to marvel at his creation! I think the later applies! In this limited existence we have dominion and this gives us the power to change anything that is into what we want it to be! Beseeching GOD for help is not a prerequisite and in fact may do you more harm than good as I have found out first hand! Yes, I have more to say, but will close here with one last suggestion… Go ahead and tell GOD to go fuck himself and see how good you feel when you do that! Liking to a drug it wears off but it is worth the feeling!


About Johnny Giles

I am the owner of Expert Business Presentations and Johnny Bryan Giles and work as a business consultant, business plan writer and RFP writer, social media strategist and published author.
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6 Responses to Want to feel really good? Tell GOD to fuck himself!

  1. mike says:

    It won’t be worth the feeling when you’re roasting in the fire for a billion eons of forever, you infidel prick. You won’t be so funny when demons are continually stabbing you in the dick with red hot ice picks. You stand warned: you had best repent right now. Stop the smoking, drinking, rock music and fucking your wife in any way shape or form, except to procreate, in the missionary position, with no foreplay, eyes closed, lights out. I also strongly suggest you send all of your extra money to christian television just to be on the safe side too. And above all, throw out the science and anthropology books and accept the fact that the earth, indeed the entire universe is 6000 years old. Bonus points: Shop only at Wal-Mart and vote Republican. And remember…..He loves you, you blasphemous piece of shit, you.

  2. RightOn says:

    How very true.

  3. Satan morris says:

    Thank you god for taking a giant shit on me for 33 years. I hope it feels good. By the way…did i ever tell you to go fuck yourself? Oh i did??? Well go eat a gay mans asshole. And leave me alone you faggot bitch!!!!!!!

  4. Trevor morris says:

    Ill leave a comment. About 3 weeks ago i won almost 4 thousand dollars at the race track. I did all hood things for my family, friends, coworker, and loved ones. And in less than 10 days it was gone. I didnt spend all my money, but i paid bills and held back 1k dollars to gamble to try and help more people and do more nice things.
    Well i lost every cent, 2 paychecks and even extra money i worked for. Now i can honestly say there is no such thing as GOD. God sucks and i refuse to pray anymore. He can suck my balls and i wish he was a real thing so i could punch him right in the mouth.

  5. Stan says:

    Yep like u i believe god is real but as far as being a god of love, omnipotent and omniscient thats bull shit. God loves only himself. Hell he delighted in his son getting the shit beat out of him. He even says himself that he wished he nevet created man. He a selective jerk who is jealous vengefull and punnishing. David whom he loved was an adulterer murder and a liar. Hmmm maybe I should emmulate him. Im never seen his love.I have seen his cheap ass give but its only the minimum but be disobedient and he take all. IThe god who gives very little but has no problem taking away. I am through worshipping an impudent plodding and imompotent god. Who has no idea what he us doung noe cares little for the suffering helpless poor and the needy He blesses the arrogant rich and does nothing for the the majority of people who struggle with life. He is the savior please he aint saved anyone except his other creation Satan.He fucked his son but ge is still alive wrecking havoc on the wirld. God sits in his fat ass and does Nothing. Yeah thats a god i want to worship.fuck him snd his worthless ass. Like Conan the barbarian says says if you wont help then Fuck you

  6. Trevor morris says:

    Totally agree…if there was a so called “god”…there wouldnt be 10 religions and different accounts of jesus! Ive never, ever won anything and if ive evet had a surplus of money…god makes sure i lose all of it. Thays why i say fuck god, jesus, jews, and everyone else affiliated with these lies. I hope god gets ass cancer and cant heal himself cause hes a fag bitch@@@

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