Using the words “I AM” authentically to create your reality!

Using the words “I AM” can have a powerfully positive impact into you life to help you create the reality you choose for yourself! I use to use the words “I CHOOSE” in my prayers and meditations and recently changed my words to “I AM” and I know, through inner wisdom, that these words are true. They are true for 1, 2 or 3 reasons at the same time;

1. The “I AM” statement is true because I am calling that things into my physical reality from the spiritual realm where all things are already mine and true.

2. The “I AM” statement is true because in my thoughts of the highest version of the highest vision I have for myself I am that which I seek to experience!

3. The “I AM” statement is true because the thing is true in my physical realm already having manifested from the spiritual realm as a result of prayer and positive thought!

All 3 can be true at the same time rending the use of the words “I AM” authentic! This has helped me to feel absolutely confident about what I am saying!


About Johnny Giles

I am the owner of Expert Business Presentations and Johnny Bryan Giles and work as a business consultant, business plan writer and RFP writer, social media strategist and published author.
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