The Black Hole Effect

Not long ago I had an interesting “self realization” that we all, as Human Beings have what I refer to as a “Black Hole” in our spirit while we are living in this realm of reality. I am no artist but here is my best visual that I just created;

Black Hole Effect

Personally I have experienced that no matter what I do, become, have or experience it is “simply not enough” and I find myself wanting more. Addicts can related to the “first high” that they chase after it is over, never getting back to that same feeling and while I am not an addict I can relate. For me personally I have a personal relationship with GOD, whom I believe to be the creator of all that is however I cannot see this GOD in the context of any dogma or religious belief. This is because that which I believe GOD to be surpasses and cannot be held in conventional constructs nor comprehended by words from any Human due in part to our flawed sense of intelligence!

What is a “Black Hole” really? No one knows but we all assume that a Black Hole is a void in Space which consumes everything in close proximity and nothing, not even light, can escape and nothing, no matter how large can ever fill it up!

No matter what size of Black Hole we have as individuals, I believe that we all have one but let me focus on one particular “filler” many people attempt to use to fill the Black Hole in with and that is “RELIGION!” It has dawned on me how ridiculously futile it is to; a. get help from GOD (even though it could be provided), b. get fulfillment from dogmatic beliefs (although some claim they have it), c. understanding of the unknown (although some claim to have been enlightened) or d. obtain your fill in any area of life to the extent that you are at peace and can live a fully engaged life (although a lot of people claim they have accomplished this)!

When I first had this “epiphany/concept” I acknowledge to GOD in prayer that some of us Humans are so devastated by the loss of our closeness and proximity with Him/Her/It when we forget who we are and incarnate into this physical realm of reality that many spend their entire lives trying to fill their own “Black Hole” with a specific belief system (i.e. dogma or religion) and as a result find ourselves unfulfilled, lost and in a constant state of questioning. It is clear in my own experiences and realizations as a conscious creator that GOD has no needs, requests or requirements of me and any time spent in pursuit of any realization of me having pleased Him/Her/It is a complete waste of my time here in this Human experience!

Obviously this is a theory I am placing on this blog to express outwardly from my being what I feel comfortable with as both logical and reasonable. I am 45 years of age and I have “created out of thin air” hundreds of manifestations using the power of the spoken word which I refer to as prayer. My prayers have evolved as my wisdom has grown so I stay the course in calling forth what I choose while pondering my own questions and trying to be open to my own inner wisdom. I could elaborate and maybe I will later on but for now I am confident that the “Black Hole Effect” is something others can relate to!


About Johnny Giles

I am the owner of Expert Business Presentations and Johnny Bryan Giles and work as a business consultant, business plan writer and RFP writer, social media strategist and published author.
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