About Me

Asheville October 2013 074

My name is Johnny Bryan Giles and I am an articulate, intelligent, fun and happy guy who has been manifesting things out of thin air since my early youth. I do this by using the power of the spoken word which I refer to as prayer and I also meditate using my own unique techniques that I have developed. Like you I have a story that is naturally evolving and recently I have had this inner desire to “share” my story more openly and directly. I have had this WordPress site and my Blogger blog for some time now and you may find the archived posts an interesting read.

I am a realist who choose to be blatantly honest about who I am, how I feel, my past and what I like and dislike. This kind of honesty may be refreshing to some and too much for others however I find that being myself is the most authentic way to live.

I plan to expand my audience and see where that takes me and if you care to dialog just call, text or email me anytime using the information on my Contact page.

I have a passion for using the Law of Attraction and to manifesting into my reality what I desire and while I offer no absolutes I do feel that a connection with me may just benefit you as I seek benefit from you as well.

I operate several businesses and you can see those on My Businesses page of this site and I have a proven track record on helping my Client reach and often exceed their goals. I look forward to your inquiries and I am happy to be a guest speaker at your event whenever my schedule permits after we discuss the nature and purpose of your event first.

There is a lot more to tell so just ask! 🙂


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