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What do you do when things do not work out?

My video above jumps around a bit however the point I wanted to make was to suggest to you that you “STAY THE COURSE” and never give up on your goals and desires! Advertisements

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Stay the Course and be a Creator!

Staying the course is your best investment into yourself and its free! When you set your mind to what you “really want” you can have it! Like the audio book “It Works” the little red book says… Others have these … Continue reading

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Put your trust into 3 things…

I cannot speak for everyone and I cannot say this is true for everyone however I have found that I can trust in (3) things! 1. My “Experiences” tell me my own truth and even though my truths are relative … Continue reading

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Do not believe this lie whatever you do!

When most of us pray we think two things that are absolutely incorrect and simply not true… 1. that the answer from GOD is likely to be NO and 2. that we have to humble and beseech GOD in hopes … Continue reading

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