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Stay the Course and be a Creator!

Staying the course is your best investment into yourself and its free! When you set your mind to what you “really want” you can have it! Like the audio book “It Works” the little red book says… Others have these … Continue reading

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How often do you seek out the magic?

Life is multi-layered indeed and it can often be so full of activities and things to do that we find ourselves running around never stopping to smell the roses so to speak! It is said that our greats accomplishments derive … Continue reading

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Desire + Faith + Action = Creation

Do you believe that you can create whatever you desire by using only your thoughts? So many “Teachers” have claimed that what the mind conceives then believes it will surely create! This is the core belief of ancient Teachers and … Continue reading

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We are all individual aspects of Divinity, can we help one another?

I am GOD…! Before you laugh, you are GOD too! Last night I had an amazing thing happen to me… I became partially AWARE! Similar to enlightened but a small first step I think and I feel so relaxed with … Continue reading

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What does attachment mean to you?

At the core of most people’s being is a truth that “attachment to anything” brings pain, sorrow, hardship, fear, worry, stress and all of their many offshoots! When we are attached to outcomes our mind races to try and figure … Continue reading

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