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I had an amazing epiphany that is nothing new!

I am not embarrassed that my epiphany, which was original and authentic to me, was actually a principal used in the realms of those who practice magic in this reality of the physical. I believe that knowledge is not, in … Continue reading

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You have more control over your reality than you may realize!

I am sure you have heard the saying “You create your own reality” and even at some level within yourself you have accepted this as truth but the big step is accepting it as your personal truth and then live … Continue reading

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You have a powerful tool that can be used for your benefit!

I am confident that everyone would agree that everyone has a very good supply of HOPE!?!? Hope originates from inside our very being and this hope is responsible for our forward progression. I believe we all have an endless supply … Continue reading

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Are you looking for something more?

As I am sure you will agree this life can be filled with blah, meaningless and vast blocks of time where nothing seems to happen that is positive. When this occurs we reach out from our beings trying to connect … Continue reading

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