My cell phone is 980-505-3079 and my personal email address is so fill out and submit this form or call/text/email me directly.


2 Responses to Contact

  1. Emile Jobity says:

    Today, i arrived on your blog website. and i would love to add you to my facebook secret group that i have now started to develop today. i want to create a group or circle of high thinking contributors like yourself. If you choose, id love to ask you for your facebook name so that i can add you as a friend and then add you to my group on facebook. thank you.

    • Johnny Giles says:

      I see you found me before I could get home to reply to your message! Thank you for your kind words and it would be awesome to join your group! My Facebook e-mail is and we can communicate anytime you like. My phone is 704-315-5149 however if I miss your call leave a message and I will call you back! I work from home as a business consultant! Johnny Giles

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