Using the words “I AM” and how I do it!

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Stay the Course and be a Creator!

Staying the course is your best investment into yourself and its free! When you set your mind to what you “really want” you can have it! Like the audio book “It Works” the little red book says… Others have these things, why not you!

When you put real “feeling” into your “vision” you can see very fast transitions and results! Before you do see results though “STAY THE COURSE” and follow your own methods of creation that feel right to you. I believe all paths lead to the same source and right or wrong are relevant to the individual when it comes to religious beliefs and dogmas! So… Use whatever methodology you prefer (prayer, etc…) and stay the course!

We are all “Creators” and we do create our own realities be it consciously or unconsciously! You have to want to wake up to stop sleep walking! This desire is not common place however it is becoming more so common place! People who want change have to really want it with all their heart and being! When you do you begin an amazing journey to wake up and become more aware of your awesome power!

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How to get everything you want!

Zig Ziglar said it best…


So how do you do this especially if you have no money to give to others?

The simple answer is the most powerful thing you can do for anyone including yourself…


Even though prayer for others does not cost you anything other than time it is one of the most valuable “GIFTS” that you can give anyone else! When you “sincerely” pray for others, expressing an inner desire that they shall have whatever they themselves seek, you are blessing that person and yourself beyond your ability to comprehend!

Most of us (including me) are mainly self-centered and are mainly worried about our own well-being! Taking time to pray for others can often seem pointless or even worse… we do not want to! A change of heart in this area will allow you to express from your being kindness, care, love and positive energy and the good news is what you put forth comes back to you multiplied! I do not suggest that you just go through the motions but rather “WANT FOR OTHERS WHAT THEY WANT FOR THEMSELVES AND THEN PRAY FOR THEM TO HAVE IT BY PRAYING IN AGREEMENT WITH THEM THAT WHAT-SO-EVER THEY DESIRE SHALL BE GRANTED THEM” because this powerful expression will have a positive impact!


When I first read the suggestions by Zig Ziglar about helping others get what they want, I did not fully understand how that was even possible. Now I know in my heart that my best gift is given in silence, often without the receivers knowledge, and I give it freely, with a smile in my heart excited about seeing the manifestations of what those I pray for materialize! Pray for others is a good thing… Maybe even one of the best things!

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Using Prayer in 2014 and beyond!

This is not my first post or video about the power of prayer and I am sharing my thoughts on prayer again because I know it will be of benefit to you and others! Even in the depth of despair you can use prayer to get yourself out of any hole!


Unfortunately I have discovered that many people lack the “drive” and the “determination” necessary to change their lives because they are looking for a quick fix. It took some time to create your current reality so it may take some time to change it into what you want next. This is not bad news, it is good news that there is a time delay in what we create.

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Put your trust into 3 things…


I cannot speak for everyone and I cannot say this is true for everyone however I have found that I can trust in (3) things!

1. My “Experiences” tell me my own truth and even though my truths are relative to how I see them they are mine. For the purpose of this blog post one of my most powerful truths is that I am a creator with the ability to create out of thin air whatever I choose! I have done this over and over and the only strategy I must employ is to make the choice(s) I choose to experience and then call them forth (I use prayer) until they manifest!


2. My “Beliefs” are based on what I believe to be true and for me personally this has more to do with logic and reason than anything else. I am proud of the fact that I realize that I am a spiritual being who is evolving and therefore my beliefs and what I believe to be true are subject to change as the evidence supports that change. Because of this I am not stuck in one set of beliefs and I am open to new wisdom as it comes


3. The third thing is a combination of both “Faith and Hope” as these two are twins that go everywhere together, or at least in my life they have. I have faith that there is something greater than myself that loves and empowers me and I feel this to be true without religious dogmas explaining the evidence of this. Additionally I have an inner hope that all things are possible and this hope never goes away no matter what my experiences are or how many times my faith or hope fail to produce the experiences I desire. The good news is that faith and hope are ever present in my life and I think this is true for most people.


As I have blogged before it “DOES NOT COST YOU ANYTHING” to pray for what you desire and it just may be the best investment you can make into yourself and your experience. Once you begin seeing with your own eyes the manifestations of what you have chosen your experiences become richer, your belief in yourself and in the “magic” becomes stronger and your faith and sense of hope are naturally increased!


You should look at investing in “prayer” or “meditation” or “self-expression pointed towards GOD and/or the Universe” as you having nothing to lose and everything to gain because that is exactly how it is! If you are experiencing what you do not like or you just want to experience more of what you do like you must invest into yourself daily. I spend time in prayer, writing in my journal and/or in reflective thought multiple times daily. I have created “out of thin air” exactly what I have desired many times and because of this fact I know I can do so again and again! I hope this inspires you and I wish for all of my readers to know that even though I do not know you personally I am praying in agreement with you and am excited that you will have whatever you choose to create! Never give up and never stop until you have what you desire!

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Never Stop Praying because Prayer Works!

The power of the spoken word should not be under-estimated! Most people do not even realize that they are automatically creating subconsciously when they can change that and create consciously while wide awake! We are all creators and the spoken word is one of the most powerful tools! See my other personal blog at;

Check out the books by Neale Donald Walsch titled Conversations with GOD!

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When right and wrong are both correct at the same time!

Ever feel lost?


Today I got mad at a close friend because my expectations were set too high! As I sat in my closet on the floor praying it hit me again (this is not the first time by the way) that I am the cause of my own struggles. Despite my intelligence, my drive and my unwillingness to accept no as the answer no is often the answer I get! Additionally I find more often than not that the polar opposites of right and wrong, good and bad and others are both “correct” at the same time but to keep you from being confused here is what I mean…


It seems that right and wrong are completely different however as we evolve we see clearly that at times right and wrong are not an opposite destination or judgment they are here, right now and both of them are correct in the circumstance or event at hand. Today I knew that venting my frustrations to my close friend on why I thought she was not treating me the way I expect to be treated was wrong but at the exact same time I knew it was right. No matter which decision I made (i.e. keeping my feelings to myself or expressing them) the decision itself would be right and wrong at the same time and for me I could not avoid either as my emotions took over.


We all inherit things from our parents and the one thing I inherited from my mother was “strong emotions” that often are very hard for me to control. When I let my emotions run over into my actions I also find that this is both right and wrong for me! Right in the sense that I am letting out and letting go of what I feel and wrong in that most people will not respond well to my emotions and this can have a very negative impact on myself and the other person. Again right and wrong are both correct…


My Grand Mother use to say to me “you cut your nose off to spite your face” and she was right in a sense! Sometimes I “burn a bridge” knowing that the future reward of crossing the bridge would benefit me simply because the bridge does not benefit me now or worse the bridge let others come to my side and they are proving to make themselves unwelcome! For me personally I have always looked at both the benefit and potential loss without emotion even though it is my emotion that drives me to the decision making process to begin with! Also, I us ! a lot, sorry for that as my intent is to make a point! There I go again… LOL…

Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges usually refers to relationships and not all relationships as we know are romantic in nature however burning bridges can save you a lot of future heart ache if you are a kind person…

Asheville October 2013 074

I am a good person however I admit I am not perfect!!!

My standards are set high because every time I have set them low all I seem to attract is trash into my life or worse! This renders my decision to set my standards high a good decision for me… At the same time I realize that setting my standards and requirements of others too high will only ensure they never reach them and this convinces me almost every time to lower and/or set-aside my standards so that I can at least engage others on some level. Now this renders my decision to set high standards in the first place wrong… See there, both right and wrong are correct at the same time. While some see this as being unable to make a decision in reality this, in my humble opinion, is seeing the layers of reality with a different set of eyes! Who the hell knows really sometimes you just have to say “fuck it” and go with your heart!

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