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Ever start your day thinking it will suck? STOP IT!

I, like many other people, have often found myself thinking that my whole day will suck! I am here to tell you right now that you must find your own way to STOP THIS HABITUAL THINKING as it is killing … Continue reading

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Entropy – Many parts and how they can be rearranged!

This is an awesome explanation of Entropy; The amazing thing is how this relates to everything in life with just a little thought! I use this blog to share concepts, ideas and actualities that can be the “answer” someone needs … Continue reading

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Am I the only one that sees this world going to shit?

A bad economy with people out of work, jobs going overseas due to greed and Wall Street showing its true colors as a scam from all ends… Drought, flood, wild fires, earth quakes and other natural disasters like never before … Continue reading

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What does attachment mean to you?

At the core of most people’s being is a truth that “attachment to anything” brings pain, sorrow, hardship, fear, worry, stress and all of their many offshoots! When we are attached to outcomes our mind races to try and figure … Continue reading

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You have a powerful tool that can be used for your benefit!

I am confident that everyone would agree that everyone has a very good supply of HOPE!?!? Hope originates from inside our very being and this hope is responsible for our forward progression. I believe we all have an endless supply … Continue reading

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