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Manifesting Your True Desires!

I created this model… I also recorded this screenshot video so that you can see and hear my explanation of this model and my sharing of where I am in my life today!     It is not impossible to … Continue reading

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My Online Vision Board – Creating My Reality

Take a look at my online vision board; http://myvisionboardonline.blogspot.com/ I truly believe that visualization works! What you think about you bring about! The movies The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know are very inspirational and have merit! You … Continue reading

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Low on Energy due to Life’s struggles? My epiphanies!

Recently I had two epiphanies while I was praying for wisdom… The first is that the bad or negatives in our life are really blessings for they challenge us to seek out new answers to old questions! If it were … Continue reading

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You have a choice in all things!

Yes it may be hard to believe but we all have a choice in all things! Life can get seemingly out of control as if you are sinking into quick-sand however if you trust in yourself and the wisdom that … Continue reading

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Desire + Faith + Action = Creation

Do you believe that you can create whatever you desire by using only your thoughts? So many “Teachers” have claimed that what the mind conceives then believes it will surely create! This is the core belief of ancient Teachers and … Continue reading

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My thoughts on GOD today!

I do not know about you but I wish GOD was more active in my life from a helping standpoint! Even though this is how I feel when I pray and ask for things that do not manifest as quickly … Continue reading

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